About me: PhD candidate and freelance writer

Press photoFor 14 years I lived in and around Seoul, as a freelance writer specializing in all things Korea. Last year I hit the road, from Bali to Morocco, via the Arctic Ocean, and all through Europe. I’ve specialized in travel, food, booze, culture, politics, music, hockey, and anything else I can get my dirty little fingers into. I have published in over 30  magazines and newspapers in eight countries, and in 2014, I was awarded Writer of the Year at Groove, South Korea’s largest circulation foreign-language magazine.

Today, I’m a PhD candidate at York University’s Department of History in Toronto, my writing career largely behind me. (Though I may still accept commissions.) I was born and raised in Ottawa and have a BA in Writing and History from the University of Victoria and an MA in Global Studies from Athabasca University.

To contact me, please email davehazzan@gmail.com.

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