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The big stories, usually (but not necessarily) all about Korean society.

sin city seoul

My monumental, 5000 word travel article about the great city of Seoul. The brilliant research team of Terri Easter, Jessica Tate, Lauren Andrews, and Jo Turner missed nothing as we explored every nook and cranny of the megalopolis. The story is print-only, featured in Issue #107 of Outpost magazine. You can check out a four page preview at Issuu (page 13), or contact me and I can arrange for you to get a copy.

Seoul Mates: Are Jewish Stereotypes Among Koreans a Source of Hate, or Love?

korea_620My big feature for New York-based Jewish magazine Tablet on Korean anti- and philo-semitism. Following an ADL report that ranked Korea as one of the most antisemitic nations in Asia, I set out to decide if Koreans really were antisemitic, or if there was something else going on. Looks like it was something else. Read it at Tablet.